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Clam Chowder & Raw Oysters
Fishermans Cove at Spud Point
Bodega Bay, CA

This ranks as one of our favorite meals all time. Every time we come to Bodega Bay this is one of our first stops. They make the best clam chowder I have ever tasted. The raw oysters are superb. 

Pricing is very reasonable. This is a local hangout so they cant charge to much for the food. 

​Make sure you go at a good time - if your there during lunch hour there will be a line out the door!

Make sure to order either a Bodega Bay ale or a local Chardonay to acompany the meal!
A nice video of a good buddy of mine, Ted Fackrell. Catching a monster fish while riverboarding down the American river outside of Coloma, CA.