Local Lodging

There are a number of lodging options available in the area. Everything from campgrounds with showers all the way up to luxury hotels. One of the best things you can do is go on Trip Advisor or Kayak and look for deals in the Bodega Bay area. This is how Cass and I usually find nice places to stay at decent prices.

That being said here are a couple of options you may wish to explore. Keeping in mind that our "wedding" is lasting from the night of Sep. 29th through the night of October 1st - we welcome people that want to celebrate with us any of these nights. 

The Inn At The Tides
(our favorite place)
800 Bay Hwy. (Hwy. 1)
Bodega Bay, CA 94923

Bodega Coast Inn & Suites
521 Hwy. 1 
Bodega Bay, CA 94923

Bodega Bay Lodge
103 Hwy. 1
Bodega Bay, CA 94923

Bodega Harbor Inn (Cheapest)
1345 Bodega Ave,
Bodega Bay, CA 94923

 Valley Ford Inn
14415 Shoreline Hwy,
Valley Ford, CA 94972

There are numerous campgrounds in the area as well. To many to list here, do a google search and you will see your options.